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Versatile Lemon Essential Oil

I absolutely love my Lemon oil.  The scent and the taste are so bright and fresh!  This versatile oil can be used aromatically, topically, and internally.

While lemons and lemon products are very common now, we don’t really know much about where they were first cultivated.  They may have originated in China or India but by the time of the Roman Empire, they were appearing in mosaics in Italy and Africa and by the fifteenth century they were widely cultivated in Italy.  Columbus brought them to the New World and they are now grown around the globe. They’ve been memorialized in art around the world and written about by Josephus and Virgil.  Throughout history lemons have been prized for their flavor and have also been documented as having a multitude of health benefits.  

Here are some studies you may find interesting!

Lemons and the immune system and depression (no wonder Lemon is a key ingredient in Thieves!)
Lemon and nausea:
Antibacterial properties of Lemon and other oils:  AND
Lemon and stress relief:
Lemon and breast cancer:

I bet you never dreamed that the humble little lemon was packed with such amazing properties, did you?

Here are a few ways to use your Lemon oil:

  1.  Add a drop or two to some water.  It’s delicious and may be beneficial in ways discussed in the research studies listed above!!
  2. Use a drop or two of lemon to remove stickers, labels, and sticky residue.  It even removes gum from hair and carpets!!
  3. Diffuse for a bright, energizing atmosphere.
  4. Combine with Lavender and Peppermint for relief from seasonal irritations.
  5. Lemon can remove sharpie marker, crayon, paint, etc. from hard surfaces.  I’ve gotten fresh acrylic paint out of clothing with just a bit of lemon!
  6.  Soothe a canker sore by applying a drop of lemon directly to the affected area.
  7. Lemon may support circulation when applied directly to varicose veins.
  8.  Soothe heartburn with a couple of drops of Lemon in water.
  9. Rub on callused elbows and feet to soothe and smooth skin.
  10. Make a paste of Lemon and baking soda for a degreasing scrub.
  11. Briefly soaking fresh fruit in water with a few drops of lemon will clean the fruit and may extend its shelf life.
  12. Add to a capsule with some Thieves when you are under the weather.
  13. Add a drop or two to your daily Ningxia Red.

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