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Spring Cleaning with Essential Oils: DIY Scented Dryer Balls

When we first started using essential oils I thought they were only useful for physical health needs. We started using them for sleep support, stress, heart health, digestive health, immune support and more, but then I realized just how versatile they are and started reading more and more about many nasty chemicals in our home. Yup. That’s right. Unfortunately, there are LOTS of harmful toxins inside many common products that most of us have in our home.

According to Dr. Mercola, “Most personal care products on the market contain toxic chemicals like parabens, phthalates, and triclosan – chemicals linked to hormonal imbalance, toxicities, reproductive health problems, and even cancer.” This includes many scented care products, such as dryer sheets. Our clothing and skin absorb these chemicals and can cause a laundry list (ha. see what I did there?) of health problems. Scary stuff! I don’t know about you, but I want safer alternatives for my family.

Enter essential oils. I learned that they can be used for SO many things, including home and personal care! We have now replaced almost every single health, cleaning and personal care product in our home with an essential oil based product. Since fragrances in common products are some of the most potentially harmful chemicals, one of the first changes we made was in our laundry room by replacing our dryer sheets with wool dryer balls. We add essential oils to them to keep our clothes smelling amazing! Dryer balls are free of any chemicals, help reduce drying time (and my gas bill!) and leave our clothes soft and smelling fresh!

It’s easy to do:

Simply add 6-8 drops of oil onto the dryer balls (we use 6 balls for a large load and less for smaller ones) and toss them in with your clothes. Add more drops as needed and change up the scent as you please. Here are some of my favorite essential oils to use:

Citrus Fresh
Christmas Spirit

There are so many great oils you can try! Just another way to use your essential oils and promote a healthier lifestyle!

If you haven’t gotten started with essential oils yet, but you are ready to start your wellness journey, the BEST way to jump in is with the Premium Starter Kit. When you get your oils through our team you will get TONS of support, resources, education and be a part of a wonderful community of essential oil lovers and educators that you will learn from! We would love to have you! If you know a Young Living distributor on our For the Love team ask them for their referral link or find their page here and click on their link to order your oils. If you don’t, you can join our team and get your oils here.


Happy Oiling!

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