Lauren George

Lauren George – Greenwood, SC

Young Living Executive Leader
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If you’ve found yourself reading this, you probably know me. My name is Lauren, but most days it’s Mommy. My husband Blake and I have three babies- Emma (2), Sophie (1), and Dawson (7 months). Yes, we’ve heard it all- “You’ve got your hands full!” and of course my favorite, “Don’t you know what causes that?” These little ones- specifically my Sophie Beth- are the reason we started using Essential oils by Young Living.

When Sophie was only a few months old, we learned that she had enlarged adenoids. And not just sometimes. She was constantly struggling to breathe, and miserable while she laid down to sleep. A good friend suggested I try some essential oils. She even brought me her diffuser to try overnight! The very first night we diffused lavender, lemon, and peppermint for Soph’s stuffiness, she slept through the night! I was sold. We used oils for a year before I had another “aha moment” and decided to start sharing with everyone I know and love.

I had postpartum depression. Yep, it sounds scary and no one really talks about it. The medication was making me feel “zoned out,” and I was losing touch with my husband. It wasn’t worth it anymore for me, so that same friend made me rollers for depression and anxiety. Another game changer! From then on I decided it was time for me to share my love for oils in hopes that another family may enjoy the oily goodness!

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