Katy Masino

Katy Masino – Central Kentucky

Young Living Senior Star Leader
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My name is Katy and I have been married to my husband Dan for just over 10 years. Our kiddos Jackson (10), Kymberlin (8), Lincoln (7) and Mason (5) are all very involved with school and sports. I’m also beginning a new adventure with the Lexington Philharmonic. As a family, we’re often at a ball field or court of some type. If we’re not there, you can usually find us at Kings Island, the Cincinnati Zoo, or even the Cleveland Science Center. When I’m not carting kids around, doing laundry or fixing dinner, I enjoy paper piece quilting. I’m currently working on a Harry Potter quilt! It’s going to be pretty amazing if I do say so myself.

We LOVE our oils for a million and a half reasons around here. I’m so thankful to have an alternative way to support our wellness. We use the oils as well as the supplements and household products in order to reduce the amount of toxins around us. Are we perfect?!?! Not even close! But, we take baby steps daily towards a healthier lifestyle. (Out of the 6 of us, we haven’t missed a day of school or work since using oils!)

I share my oils because I truly believe that EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON can benefit. We are actually a 4 generation family of oil users. How cool is that?!?!

I share because oils have restored relationships; both with friends and family members.

I share oils because everyone should be empowered to make educated decisions about their health and oils are a piece of that.

I share oils because if I see a good movie or have a great meal, I tell my girlfriends, my enemies and everyone on social media….why wouldn’t I share something that has changed our lives completely.

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