Katie Parnell

Katie Uldrick Parnell

Young Living Executive Leader
Email: scoillady@gmail.com
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I am married to a phenomenal man and I am a mom of two amazing little boys. Our boys keep us going nonstop and laughing constantly. I’m also a full time accountant. We live in a small town in South Carolina in the house that I grew up in. I absolutely adore our happy and perfectly imperfect life!

A little about me:

  • I have a small addiction to CrossFit.
  • I also have a small addiction to Young Living Essential oils.
  • My happy place is on our farm. We love nature walks in the woods or creek. We also love treasure hunting at the old home places on our property.
  • My dog sleeps on my head every night. Thankful she only weighs 6 lbs!
  • I’m a total nerd. Researching and learning is my jam!

Why Oils?

When I first started using essential oils, I honestly just started out curiosity of what they smelled like. I diffused lavender at night because it really was the only oil that I was remotely familiar with. It really helped my husband to get more restful sleep. Then, I ventured out and found great essential oils solutions for my sore muscles due to brutal CrossFit workouts.

We use essential oils to support all of our body systems and have countless testimonies. We have now set a goal to have a chemical free home!! After researching and learning how toxic chemicals wreak havoc on our bodies, we want to eliminate them and provide the safest environment for our children to live!

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