Jacqueline Hayes Albarran

Jacqueline Hayes Albarran – SF Bay Area, California

Young Living Distributor
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Hi friends! I’m Jacqueline! I live in the SF Bay Area and I am a mother of three young children ages 5 years old and under. Besides working full time and running around after my little ones, I enjoy coming up with fun arts and crafts for the family to do together! I also like to go outside for walks and find other things to do outdoors. I enjoy DIY projects with my essential oils like soaps and sprays and I’m always looking for fun new things to try!

My journey with Young Living essential oils started at the end of 2016. I love that these oils are available to support my general wellness and promote emotional well being. I have noticed such a great improvement in my life. Everyday I learn more about these wonderful oils that are available to us!

I have removed many products full of toxic ingredients from my home and I am now using Young Living products instead. It feels so good to know exactly what is in my soaps, cleaners and air fresheners! I didn’t really pay much attention to what harmful chemicals were in my products before, but I’ve been doing some research and I pay attention to ingredients now. I have become more aware of what I do and don’t want to be putting on my skin or have circulating in my body. If I could put how I feel into two words they would be: EMPOWERED and SAFE! I share because I want everyone to be able to feel this way about the products they are using in their home and on their family.

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