Heather Thomas

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Heather Thomas – SW Ohio

Young Living Distributor
Email: wstr08@gmail.com
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Hello! Welcome to For the Love! I’m Heather and I write my capital “N”’s backwards, for some reason say “pellow” instead of “pillow”, was lucky enough to study abroad in Australia briefly, and have a 3rd degree black belt in one of the 4 major styles of karate. I currently live with my husband and silly 1 year old. We enjoy having dance parties in our house before bed time, trying to talk like Donald Duck, and pretending to know sports well enough to teach our son. 😉

Amidst all this fun and craziness though I suffered from really bad headaches and used to have multiple emotional struggles. Since learning about this AMAZING world of oils I’ve been able to manage these (and more!) sooo much better! I will admit, at first, I thought this was hippie, voodoo stuff. But I started doing a little research, asking some questions, and ended up blown away. The quality of Young Living’s (YL) products is fantastic and the transparency of this company is nearly unheard of in today’s age of a doing anything for a quick buck.

Our family is slowly working on ways to use oils to keep above the wellness line and be more preventative instead of reactive. We are also in the process of detoxing our house of all the crazy chemicals we can and replacing them with things like the amazing Thieves line. I hope that these oils can help you and yours feel better, stay healthy, and truly enjoy life! Please feel free to ask any and all of your questions! There’s a lot of information out there (and we’re all still learning) but I would love to help you navigate this wonderful oily world! Welcome aboard!

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