Hannah Estes

Hannah Grace Estes – South Carolina

Young Living Executive Leader
Instagram: @muchlovehg
Email: hannah.estes93@gmail.com
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Hi there! I’m Hannah Grace. I’m a 20-something living in the south and working on creating a life I love. Some of my favorite things include coffee, thunderstorms, my friends, Doctor Who (and other incredible TV shows and movies!), reading, the color purple, cooking, writing, and,of course, essential oils.

I began using essential oils in January 2015 and haven’t looked back. I first used them to combat my high stress and anxiety but then began learning how I could use them in other areas of my life – from immune support to skin and hair care to helping me sleep better and more! Once I recognized the impact oils were having on my life, I had to start sharing them with my friends who had similar struggles. So not only have I seen my life change, but I’ve been able to help others change their lives too! I think one of my favorite things about sharing oils with people is watching them have that “aha!” moment when they try an oil, it works, and they realize…Whoa! This crazy oils can be helpful! Join me today!