Becca Trujillo

Becca Trujillo – Upstate South Carolina

Young Living Senior Star Leader
Facebook: becbec1025
Instagram: @_artrujillo
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Hi guys! I’m Becca, 22 years old, and live in SC with my husband of almost four years and our five fur babies! I’m currently a Preschool Assistant while in school getting my Associates in Arts in Psychology. I love traveling, the month of October, and taking naps.

I fell in love with essential oils this past September and they have been such a game changer for me. My first goal was to help my anxiety and panic attacks that I had been having since my 10th grade year in High school. Let’s just say this: I haven’t had to pick up one of my prescriptions in almost six months. I also wanted to get rid of all the nasty chemicals and toxins in my house, and Young Living made that possible!

I share oils because I believe they can benefit everyone. God gave us these incredible oils to share with others, and that’s exactly what I am going to do! It wouldn’t be fair for me to keep them all for myself, right?