Barbara Michael

Barbara Michael – Clearwater, FL

Young Living Executive Leader
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I currently live in Clearwater, FL with my husband. I have 2 awesome grown daughters and 7 of the awesomest grandcuties. I’m just a little biased. Lol. I work full-time as a bank manager.

Why I love my oils: there have been so many times that I have been amazed by the power of these little drops. Whether I’m using for pain, sleep issues, digestive issues, skin repair, etc… I’m constantly in awe of their power. Many ,many times I will experience a new aha moment. Even my husband (who is one of the biggest skeptics) has begun asking for oils.

I enjoy garage sale hunting, quilting, crocheting, re-purposing items. I have become very involved in my ladies bible study. I’m enjoying the friendships that are developing and we study the Word.

I share my oils because I’ve seen what they’ve done for me and my husband. I believe everyone should have the option of more natural choices when it comes to their health and that of their family. I want to help show them how to assist in keeping their families safe and healthy. I love having chemical free options for my family