Ashley Lobaugh

Ashley Lobaugh – Cincinnati, OH

Young Living Executive Leader
Instagram: @ashloveslife1
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Hi Friend! I’m Ashley. I live in the Cincinnati area where I work full time at a large corporation and co-own a local, small organic farm. I love my oils because of the natural options they give for my health, wellness and happiness. I am so grateful for the peace of mind they give and that they allow me take ownership of the overall health of my body and my home!

In my free time I love to be out in nature working on the farm, meeting people in my community, crafting and creating, spending time with loved ones and listening to music! I also love trying out all things local!

I have a real passion for sharing oils because I want others to know they can participate and be in control of their own health and wellness. After committing to take my health seriously about three years ago, I am constantly feeling empowered at understanding more and more how my holistic health works and the things I can do to continue to support that. I want others to feel that same excitement! Join me today in living your life to the fullest!