Get Oils!

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Hey friend, I’m SO glad you’re here and that we can help you get started adding Young Living Essential Oils into your life! I don’t want to be dramatic, but using essential oils has made a HUGE difference in my quality of life and the lives of our entire team. Using oils has also increased our confidence regarding our ability to help ourselves, our families, and our friends be empowered to make decisions that positively affect our health. Just take a peek at any of our stories and you’ll see what I mean!

So, how do you get started? I’m glad you asked!

Since you’re ready to dive in,  I always recommend that my friends start out by purchasing the $160 Premium Starter Kit and get started with Young Living’s Essential Rewards program, too! The Thieves Essential Rewards Kit is my fave, and a great way to start swapping out stuff you’re already buying (toothpaste, household cleaners, etc.) for safer, gentler, more natural options.

Purchasing a Premium Starter Kit (or PSK for short) gives you a set of 11 of Young Living’s most popular oils (a little bit of something to tackle everything) plus an extremely high quality diffuser to deliver those incredible therapeutic benefits. You also get access to an amazing 24% discount on all of Young Living’s products and a personalized referral link so you can earn a little cash when your friends decide they want to get started with oils, too. There’s never any obligation to share your link with your friends, but I promise you, they ARE going to ask how to get their hands on some of their own essential oils when they see how much you’re loving yours!

Ok, so, here are all of your options laid out for you. I know some of you like lists and bullet points, so this will make it nice and easy for you.


  • Signing up to become a member with Young Living is absolutely the BEST!
  • HUGE discount on total price of package. 11 oils + a diffuser starting at $160!
  • No renewal fee; simply place a $50PV order each year to keep your account active.
  • Order as often as you like at 24% off retail prices.
  • Personalized referral link to help your friends sign up and get your oils paid for! (No obligation to share!)
  • Access to Member’s Only resource groups online.
  • And ME! I’ll be here to walk with you every step of the way!


  • Purchase Young Living products whenever you’d like at retail price.
  • NO starter kit required.
  • And you still get me to hold your hand and guide you along this wonderful oily journey you’re beginning.


  • Young Living’s super flexible monthly oil box program. Choose what you want, when you want it each month.
  • Spend $50 a month.
  • Earn money back on all your purchases.
  • Earn exclusive monthly promotional items.
  • 10% back in your first 3 months, 20% months 4-24, and 25% back starting with month 25!
  • Receive a free thank you gift (a bottle of oil!) at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months.
  • Discounted shipping.
  • Great way to pace yourself if you have a long wishlist by doing smaller monthly orders.

Any other questions?

Let’s do this!

Get oils now!*

*Young Living is a referral based business, so please find your friend and use their referral link!