DIY with Essential Oils

Easy Essential Oil DIY gifts for Mom

Every mama appreciates feeling happy and loved, so what if you could give her a gift that would do just that? Essential oils harness the powerful ability to support our hormones, relieve stress, and influence our emotions. So, with Mother’s Day right around the corner, we’ve got a super fun and easy way to celebrate the special women in your life with some simple, essential oil DIY projects.

Mama Roller
When applied over the heart, on the wrists, and back of the neck, the combination of essential oils in this Essential Oil roll-on will make mama literally feel happy and grounded. The combination of Joy, Bergamot, Frankincense, and Orange leaves behind a slightly floral, citrusy aroma with an undertone of earthiness that makes this the perfect fragrance and can be worn daily as a perfume.

– 10 mL glass roller like this
– Carrier Oil (V-6, jojoba, and fractionated coconut oil are great options)
– Essential Oils: 10 drops Joy, 10 drops Bergamot, 10 drops Frankincense, and 10 drops Orange

Add essential oils to glass roller then top with carrier. Add a cute label and you’re all set.

Relaxing Bath Salts
Alone time is something that every mama craves and what better way to unwind than with a nice, warm, calming bath? Add a glass of wine and you’re sure to make her smile. All she has to do is add ½ c. of the bath salts to her bath while the water is running and the essential oils will do the rest.

– 1c. Epsom Salt
– 1. Tbsp. Baking Soda
– Essential Oils: 5 drops Stress away and 5 drops Lavender.

Add epsom salt to a small bowl and gently stir in essential oils. Once thoroughly combined, stir in baking soda. Pour into a mason jar, tie on a cute tag, and pop it in a bag with the Mama Roller! Oh, and don’t forget to add a card, too!

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