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Back to School with Essential Oils

I’m going to talk about a favorite subject to many Moms: Back to school! A great time of year for many different reasons. No more trying to keep little minds constantly entertained, no more guilt about screen time, no more forkin’ out money for summer camps. The air is turning crisp, leaves are changing, there’s pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING….EVERYWHERE! All is good in the world.

Until it isn’t.

Unfortunately, back to school season is also cold/flu season. Have you ever looked around at drop off? Almost every kid is coughing, snotty and sneezy. Yes it’s disgusting, but I’m ok with it! I’ve got my Mama tool belt full and ready for the school year! Every day before school I roll our immunity roller on my son’s feet & spine. At pick up he sprays his hands with our handy Germ Away Spray. Now I hate to sound like a germaphobe because I definitely am not. Actually, I am all about playing in the dirt and only washing hands after using the bathroom or before you eat because I believe it is good for children’s immune systems, but during cold/flu season it’s a little different. We do this to stay above the wellness line because really, who has time to be sick?

Another Mom hack I use for back to school is a Focus Roller. I apply this to the back of my son’s neck and behind his ears. The name is pretty self explanatory. It helps him stay focused and concentrate. The Focus Roller is also great to use during homework time. Depending on the day I might also put some calming oils in the diffuser during homework time. Usually it is also dinner time and meltdown time for my 3 year old, so most days the calming oils are necessary.

Here are some back to school mama-tool-belt recipes:
•Immunity Roller- 10 drops Thieves, 10 drops Lemon, 10 drops Frankincense in a 10ml roller bottle. Fill rest with a carrier such as fractioned coconut oil.
•Germ Away Spray- 15 drops Thieves in a 4oz spray bottle. Fill rest with water.
•Focus Roller- 10 drops Vetiver, 10 drops lavender in a 10ml roller bottle. Fill rest with carrier oil.
•Calming Diffuser Blend-5 drops Peace & Calming, 5 drops Orange.

I get my rollers here!

Need to get yourself some oils to help your family stay well this school year? You can get oils for your own mama tool belt here!

Happy oiling!


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